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About US

Our mission is to provide you the best business financial options for your company. SBA Small Business Advantage through First Guaranty Funding, LLC. (FGF) is different than other lenders. Just as each person is unique, so are the businesses they own. Each business has its own specific requirements and needs. 

SBA Small Business Advantage through First Guaranty Funding, LLC. (FGF) is your experienced partner who offers an all-encompassing suite of customized small business financing programs providing comprehensive options designed for your specific needs. 

Client Focused

Client-Focused means that FGF provides solutions that are specific to our client's needs, rather than fitting the client to a particular solution or simply running the client through a convenient process. We identify our client needs and opportunities, and then leverage our experience, principles and extensive network of industry contacts to bridge a well-conceived outcome, constantly keeping our client's best interests' paramount.

Sophisticated Approach

FGF offers a high level of sophistication to business owners needs and goals. As business owners and operators, our understanding goes well beyond the basic financial parameters of the deal and allows us to provide invaluable insight into positioning a company for the capital opportunities and assessing the interaction between a particular capital structure and a business's long-term needs.

Relationship Driven

Relationship Driven means FGF places a high value on relationships with clients, partners, capital sources and industry contacts. We seek clients and partners with the same philosophy. We view our client's success over the long-term, measured against other possible outcomes.

We believe that it's those results that matter most.

The Entire Picture

There are thousands of loan programs designed to meet the needs of a business. We spent years searching and developing program's that are right for you. This ensures the best business financial products for your growing company.